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rust removal
Can a collision shop fix rust spots?

All car owners understand the risk of having rust spots which means necessary action should be taken as soon as possible. However, nearly 70% of drivers have no idea whether a collision shop can carry out rust repairs. Generally, rust may surface as small chips/scratches and later develop into more huge metal holes that compromise the structure’s ability to protect you on the road.  

It only takes the salt air, the road salt, or the humidity, and your precious car may lose its value, look, or functionality before you even know it. Well, if you are concerned about the ability of the collision shops to fix rust, the answer is that we can do it perfectly.  

Rust removal for a small area 

If your car has a small patch of rust, then forget about the stress because our team will perform rust repair at an affordable price and as quickly as possible. Our collision shop is equipped with special auto-body equipment that helps us remove the rust and the paint around the affected area.

With our premium paint blending and color matching techniques, your car will have a 100% paint match after a small rust repair. 

Large area rust repair 

If you never realized how the small rust occurred on your car and you’ve only realized it after it worsened, well, it’s not yet too late; our collision shop can still repair rust. However, it’s also important to know that larger rust repair can be hectic to carry out since it requires special equipment, manpower, and a workshop which our shop is well equipped with.  

In case the rust has penetrated, or if it’s too deep to sand-off, we’ll need to change the affected part where our shop has all the parts for easy rust repair, even on the more effected parts.   


Our customers not only choose our collision for rust repairs, but we also ensure professional paint matching and blending. We archive this by using a top-notch camera & color-scanner systems that display the color codes, thus enabling us to find the exact shade of your car color.